Hi there!.

My name is Pepe (well, it was…). I was a normal dog with a… decent life that used to sleep in the street. Don’t be sad, being a homeless dog it wasn’t too bad: I could change the balcony views every night and choose the best neighbourhoods to stretch my paws. At that time, I was living “THE LIFE” in Galicia, my homeland and favorite place in the entire world (you should visit if you have not, it is “the land of witches”, beaches and best food ever).

One day, I woke up after a big party night out. I had a bit of headache and I saw my reflection on a window display: What the …!! You need to shave, man!! Suddenly, I realized that there were no people on the street, no noise, no shops open, no music… Just silence.

Wait! Which day is today? How long have I been partying for? I went around and… nothing! I went to Antonio’s bar, he was my best human mate and used to feed me and give me some leftovers. Nothing! Mate! I am a street dog, but I need some attention and cuddles. Who is it going to scratch my belly now?

The day after I went to Guillarei, there was a pretty dog that I kind of was in love with and I was missing her. When I was on the way to hers, I passed by a place that was smelling sooooo goood that I couldn’t handle it: I had to stop! I saw that there was a big door half open and I decided to get closer and say hello (did I menton that I was a loveless and starving dog demanding attention. Yeeeees, I am a bit of a drama queen, lol).

Once I got closer to that door, an amazing smell made me smile. I looked through the edge of the door and I could see some humans and music inside and smiley faces all around. Are they a huge family? Someone saw me and came to scratch my belly. Oh wow!! I want to stay.

At the back, there was a big (huge) kitchen where I saw they were cooking something good. I needed some strength and food, and something tasty, please!! Even if I had never cooked before, I was an expert guessing flavours, so, why not? I put an apron on, took some big pans, turned the stove on and everything started flowing.

A bit of chicken (the first ingredient has to be meat); a dash of mint and rosemary… Do you smell that? Hmmmm… Et  voilá!!  Who is it going to try? I think I have potential, huh! When I was about to bring it to my new friends to show them, I was running as a crazy dog and so excited that I accidentally dropped it (if my mum would have been there, she would have said: I knew it Pepe!). Luckily, there were a couple of furry guys passing by and they came to help me cleaning that mess.

The smell was so good that we decided to taste it at the same me and… suddenly, I started feeling that I was getting stronger, felt so energyzed, agile and full of strength!! What is happening??

I saw the puppy that was next to me and his face had changed: he looked stronger, happier and healthier… And then, I saw the other guy… What?? Is he holding some weights on his mouth??

OMG!! I am going to share this recipe with every dog in the world!!
I had created SuperPepe food!! 🙂